Jeremy Goldstein on Why Employees are Sceptical about Stock Options

Jeremy Goldstein is among the most celebrated attorneys in New York, and over the years has handled many of the high profile cases for some of the top companies in the United States. Jeremy Goldstein is considered an expert on compensation issues and is one of the top executive compensation lawyers in the country today. His firm, Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC, is the legal consultant for some of the biggest companies in the country.

Jeremy Goldstein started his journey in the world of law in a very simple manner and worked as an intern at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz, before starting out on his own. Jeremy Goldstein is also considered an expert on risk management, mergers and acquisitions, corporate law, finance law, administrative law, compliance law, and more.

Jeremy has carefully studied the compensation structure being practiced in the United States and understands the loopholes existing today. He said that one of the features in the compensation structure that is in the limelight these days is stock options.

Jeremy says that most of the employees prefer bigger and better salary over stock options because the stock options do not guarantee profits in the future, and are volatile, just like the market. And, while it cannot be denied that in many cases stock options have been life changing for many of the executives, it does come with its downside.

Jeremy Goldstein says that people need to carefully weigh their options before they think of whether they want to include and go for stock options or not. One of the weighing parameters should be the performance of the company and the growth projection plus the funding it is getting.

If the enterprise is growing at a rapid pace, then it goes without saying that stock options can be highly beneficial.

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