Bruno Fagali Speaking On The Government Ruling On Alcohol Advertising Bylaws

If you are facing a lawsuit or need legal advice, hiring a lawyer who is experienced and well-networked is essential. In Brazil, there are many famous lawyers, but one of the lawyers who is well-known for his successful track record and expertise in the field of corporate law, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory laws, administrative law, and compliance issues, is Bruno Fagali.

He started by working with a couple of highly reputed law firms in Brazil and soon went on to begin his law firm by the name of Fagali Advocacia. The law firm that he began to had a humble beginning in one small room, but it has now become a prominent and thriving law firms in the country, which is handling legal cases of many huge conglomerates, public figures, politicians, and more. The reputation of Bruno Fagali in the legal field is to reckon with, and he has also won some of the very complex cases, which has led to widespread amendments as well in the Brazilian law.


Bruno Fagali keeps a check on what is happening in the field of law and regularly writes about it on his blog. Recently, Bruno Fagali wrote about the rules surrounding the alcohol advertising in the country. He said that the court took a brilliant decision by ensuring that the alcohol advertising is restricted in its reach and that it cannot encourage people to have alcohol.

Any alcohol advertisement that is proven to be triggering the urge to drink would be suspended, and the company would have to face legal charges as well. Moreover, every alcohol advertisement should carry a warning that says that alcohol consumption is injurious to health. The ads are made to lure people towards the products, but such cannot be the case with alcohol as it can attract the people, especially the youth towards drinking.

Bruno Fagali has risen to a dominating position in the legal field in Brazil through his hard work and dedication for more than 10 years experience. Apart from being a partner at Fagali Advocacy, Bruno Fagali is also associated with the Novo/SB Marketing Firm in the capacity of corporate marketing manager.

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Karl Heideck Wants Answers For Why Philadelphia’s Judge Refuses To Stop New Salary History Law

Karl Heideck Explains PA Law

Karl Heideck Explains PA Law

The Mayor became a friend to activists who were defending the rights of applicants from being requested by new employers to provide a history of their previous salaries. The mayor became a friend when he appended his signature to consent to the law that prohibited the ongoing of these practices. However, this win for the activists was not to be celebrated for long as the chamber of commerce sought to counter it on legal grounds with claims that it was unconstitutional.

According to the explanation of the law, this move was taken as a way of bridging the gap between the salaries earned by men and women. Employers were being barred from using potential employee’s information without their own consent. It also stopped them from directly making inquiries about applicant’s previous payment and barred them from punishing applicants that declined to reveal their previous salary status.

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According to experts, this law is expected and anticipated to affect employers beyond Philly. This is because the language of the rules applies to any person that conducts business in Philadelphia regardless of whether or not they belong to Philly. A heavy penalty of $2000 for each instance will be fined for any enterprise that violates these provisions.

By human nature, this rule became a problem even before its passage into law. Companies came up with complaints, some quoting the first amendment bill being broken. The chamber of commerce tackled their grievances legally by filing a motion in court. However, the judge ruled in favor of the city although this did not happen immediately.

Karl Heideck is a listed attorney by Hire Counsel since 2015. He has earned his position for the hard work he has been doing around Philadelphia for over ten years now. It is when he served as a project attorney for Pepper Hamilton LLP that he acquired invaluable skills for filing and responding to complaints which is why he chose to practice general law. He earned his degree in arts from Swarthmore College in 2003. He then proceeded to Temple University law school where he graduated with a Juris doctor in 2009 when he started practicing professionally.

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