Entrepreneurial Mastermind Todd Lubar predicts new Innovations for Smart Home Technology

In today’s world, trends towards entrepreneurial motivation are changing; energetic modern day millennial are creating enterprises not solely based on the desire for financial accumulation but focused on social collaboration with like-minded individuals. This communal spirit cannot be dependent however on social media connections and university networks. It takes specific qualities and personal skills to be a successful entrepreneur, a freedom-thinking doer and business creator.

First of all, confidence and perseverance work hand-in-hand. Breakthroughs in technology, ranging from the invention of the steam engine to the modern air conditioner, did not originate from a successful initial trial, but were accomplished over a series of tests and experiments. These societal earth-shakers took risks, learned from their failures, and continued towards success with the indefatigable mind-set.

With the proliferation of modern domestic marvels, innovations for improving the quality of life for our humble abodes are in a critical spotlight. Smart home technology has been met with open arms for its convenience for disabled people yet trials towards accurately programming speech communication from human voice inflections remain serious obstacles. For example, Machines and iPhone voice apps have become the leading-edge hall marks for turning sci-fiction dreams into the reality of using kitchen appliances like microwaves or opening garage doors for people with nervous system disorders. However, artificial intelligence faces programming hurdles as it copes with the speech complexities of different dialects, stammers, and volume.

Predicting this universal smart home technology, president of TDL Global Ventures Todd Lubar has transformed numerous dilapidated properties in Maryland into Tech-enhanced smart homes. This success-sharing entrepreneur has developed his enterprise from profitable 100 million dollar a year investments with Maryland Legacy Financial office and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Climbing up the financial ladder, Lubar has served as Senior Vice President for a branch division of First Magnus Financial Corp while continuing a steady investment in Priority Financial services.

Graduating from Syracuse University with a BA in speech communication, Lubar has carved a reputable career path through the mortgage industry while using his unflagging entrepreneurial energy to bridge industry investments in night clubs, waste management, and real estate. Ranking as one of the 25 most prestigious mortgage brokers in America, Lubar has consulted other aspiring home entrepreneurs for the past two decades. Information sourced from linkedin.com.

Securus Technologies saves families of inmates thousands with video visitation

Having a loved one sent to prison can be one of the most difficult ordeals that anyone can go through. But it often gets even worse when the inmate is finally delivered to the prison where they will serve their sentence. The family members of those inmates are often dismayed to find out that their loved ones are located hundreds of miles from their own home, making it difficult or nearly impossible to come and visit them in person. This oftentimes leads to inmates and their family members being completely separated for the duration of the inmate’s sentence.


But one company has been doing more than anyone else to change this. Securus Technologies has developed a highly innovative video visitation solution that allows inmates to stay in constant contact with their family members, using face-to-face video communications. This no only allows inmates and family members to stay in touch with each other with a frequency never before possible but it also allows for those family members who would have otherwise been forced to spend thousands of dollars on long trips to visit their loved ones, who are incarcerated hundreds of miles from their home, to save vast sums of money. This is particularly noteworthy because oftentimes the families of these inmates are in the bottom decile of income, making them the people who can least afford the exorbitant expenses of coming to visit their loved ones in prison.


With Securus’ video visitation systems, inmates are often able to call their families for rates as low as $0.15 per minute. This means that almost all inmates are capable of affording to stay in nearly uninterrupted contact with their loved ones, leading to the maintenance of strong relationships between fathers and their children as well as those between wives and husbands and parents and their incarcerated children.



Unraveling the Mystery behind the Stinky ‘corpse flower’ at the Orange Coast College

The Orange Coast College is attracting hoards of admirers for their rare corpse flower. Everyone would be interested in getting a whiff of its corpse-like scent. The Amorphophallus titanium plant, as it is known scientifically, is set for display at the institution’s administration building on the 28 June from 10 am to 6 pm.

The Rare Species

Corpse flowers from the Island of Sumatra, Indonesia weigh about 200 pounds. It is, however, an endangered species. The repugnant odor it causes is brought about when beetle pollinates, crawl within or when it moves pollen grains from the male flowers to the female flowers.

Human Aided Pollination

Stead says the school pollinates the flowers by hand. It is named corpse since it smells exactly like a corpse. The bloom usually occurs in the evening or the wee hours of the night and takes about a decade. More than 1000 guests visited the Orange Coast College in 2014 to have a glimpse of Little John, an 11-year-old corpse flower that was blooming. Visitors are encouraged to make a $3 donation in support of the institution’s scholarship program in horticulture.

The Orange Coast College

The Orange College is referred to as OCC. It is a community college in California, United States. It was founded in 1947 but had its first class in the fall of 1948. It provides a two-year program of Associate Art and Science degrees, Certificates of Achievements, and a lower-division class. It also has the option to transfer students to other colleges and universities.

Student Body

It enrolls approximately 24,000 undergraduate students with the largest batch (97%) hailing from California. Only 3 % come from without and 35 % of the students study part-time. Students taking the Bachelor of Arts were 10 % as at the fall of 2007. Orange Coast College is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, an organization for accrediting Community and Junior colleges. It also has a special accreditation by the American Dental Association as well as the Joint Review Committee on Education.

OCC Student Life

Orange Coast College has active sports clubs and teams. It has both on-campus and local housing sourcing options, renting rooms for about $750 per month. The institution is proud to have a new library, a new Art Center, and the remodeling of the Lewis Science Buildings.

Karl Heideck Wants Answers For Why Philadelphia’s Judge Refuses To Stop New Salary History Law

Karl Heideck Explains PA Law

Karl Heideck Explains PA Law

The Mayor became a friend to activists who were defending the rights of applicants from being requested by new employers to provide a history of their previous salaries. The mayor became a friend when he appended his signature to consent to the law that prohibited the ongoing of these practices. However, this win for the activists was not to be celebrated for long as the chamber of commerce sought to counter it on legal grounds with claims that it was unconstitutional.

According to the explanation of the law, this move was taken as a way of bridging the gap between the salaries earned by men and women. Employers were being barred from using potential employee’s information without their own consent. It also stopped them from directly making inquiries about applicant’s previous payment and barred them from punishing applicants that declined to reveal their previous salary status.

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According to experts, this law is expected and anticipated to affect employers beyond Philly. This is because the language of the rules applies to any person that conducts business in Philadelphia regardless of whether or not they belong to Philly. A heavy penalty of $2000 for each instance will be fined for any enterprise that violates these provisions.

By human nature, this rule became a problem even before its passage into law. Companies came up with complaints, some quoting the first amendment bill being broken. The chamber of commerce tackled their grievances legally by filing a motion in court. However, the judge ruled in favor of the city although this did not happen immediately.

Karl Heideck is a listed attorney by Hire Counsel since 2015. He has earned his position for the hard work he has been doing around Philadelphia for over ten years now. It is when he served as a project attorney for Pepper Hamilton LLP that he acquired invaluable skills for filing and responding to complaints which is why he chose to practice general law. He earned his degree in arts from Swarthmore College in 2003. He then proceeded to Temple University law school where he graduated with a Juris doctor in 2009 when he started practicing professionally.

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Jeremy Goldstein on Why Employees are Sceptical about Stock Options

Jeremy Goldstein is among the most celebrated attorneys in New York, and over the years has handled many of the high profile cases for some of the top companies in the United States. Jeremy Goldstein is considered an expert on compensation issues and is one of the top executive compensation lawyers in the country today. His firm, Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC, is the legal consultant for some of the biggest companies in the country.

Jeremy Goldstein started his journey in the world of law in a very simple manner and worked as an intern at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz, before starting out on his own. Jeremy Goldstein is also considered an expert on risk management, mergers and acquisitions, corporate law, finance law, administrative law, compliance law, and more.

Jeremy has carefully studied the compensation structure being practiced in the United States and understands the loopholes existing today. He said that one of the features in the compensation structure that is in the limelight these days is stock options.

Jeremy says that most of the employees prefer bigger and better salary over stock options because the stock options do not guarantee profits in the future, and are volatile, just like the market. And, while it cannot be denied that in many cases stock options have been life changing for many of the executives, it does come with its downside.

Jeremy Goldstein says that people need to carefully weigh their options before they think of whether they want to include and go for stock options or not. One of the weighing parameters should be the performance of the company and the growth projection plus the funding it is getting.

If the enterprise is growing at a rapid pace, then it goes without saying that stock options can be highly beneficial.

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US Money Reserve’s Tips to Protect Wealth From Global Risks

The primary advice coming from US Money Reserve to people is to consider buying gold to protect oneself from the vagaries of global terror attacks, cyber assaults, and fluctuating global economic scenarios. This advice is contained in a new e-book released by US Money Reserve who are America’s de facto Gold Authority.

This book is complimentary on the purchase of 1/10 oz Gold American Eagle Coins available at cost for a limited period.  This report which is also available online advises Americans to look to buying gold as a hedge against global economic risks. Gold like always is a trusted, safe haven in times of global uncertainty.

Trade wars, more and more appear to be the norm than the exception these days and experts are quick to point out the ever-present risks to the global economy. Philip N Diehl, President of US Money Reserve is of the view that gold prices surge during periods of economic turmoil. Gold is a perfect buy because not only is it a tangible asset that is government approved, it is a great tool to protect one’s hard earned savings.

Considering that Diehl is one of the most influential US Mint directors ever, his word certainly carries a lot of weight. For one to obtain the US Money Reserve’s exclusive e-book,  one can visit www.sumoneyreserve.com/ebook-war-of-nerves

The US Money Reserve has the unique distinction of being among the US’s  largest private distributors of US Government-issued gold, silver and platinum products. It is not surprising therefore to discover that hundreds of thousands of people have chosen to buy precious metals through then.

What helps matters a great deal is the fact that the US Money Reserve has a specially trained team comprising of coin research and numismatics professionals who are very well versed with market knowledge to be able to identify the right metals to buy at all the levels.

US Money Reserve’s customer service is much better than the industry norm largely on account of their being able to provide personalized customer service to every single one of their clients. Indeed Austin Texas, based US Money Reserve has a reputation for excellence that is well deserved.

It is hardly surprising to discover therefore that they are extremely highly recommended to those who look to buying precious metal as a means of having a more diverse assets portfolio. It is the need of the times.

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Duda Melzer of RBS Group Fosters Excellent Leadership Skills for Successful Businesses

Duda Melzer is a prominent entrepreneur who chairs Grupo RBS. This is one of the leading multimedia companies for communication in Brazil. Aside from that, he co-owns e.Bricks Digital and e.Bricks Ventures. Duda graduated in 1998. He is an alumnus of Pontifical Catholic University. He majored in business administration and advanced his studies to attain an MBA from the Harvard University. Duda’s career began in the financial sector as well as franchising market. Duda has participated in several projects in consultation firms including Booz Allen and Hamilton. Following his experiences, Duda was elected as the senior analyst for Delphi Corporation. He also landed an executive role as the chief executive officer of Box Top Media. This is a media firm geographically located in the city of New York.


As a member of the Sirotsky family, Duda took after his grandfather’s business. This is the RBS Foundation that was established by Mauricio Sirotsky. In 2005, Duda was included on the list of Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. The organization unites 25 members from new generation family businesses. These members are prominent for being head cheerleaders of some of the successful businesses in the world. They are considered perfect role models in the society. Check out Clicrbs to know more.


Duda’s inspiration is John Davis, an American professor. The family business specialist is one of the world’s best consultants in the industry. Having worked for RBS Group when it was established, the relationship has been nurtured since 1999. As a family, the RBS Group believes that the success of the firm is embedded on the management and professionalism of the team. For Duda, proper administration and governance play a critical role in the administration of the enterprise. This is the benchmark of the company’s performance. RBS’s regulations of excellence dictate proper governance for relevance. Duda Melzer continues to exercise excellent leadership skills in his businesses. He is a firm believer of policies and rules. He also encourages teamwork. You can visit Crunchbase to know more.

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Excitement of Fashion Brought to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Customers

The fashion industry is a very exciting industry to get involved in on many different levels. Among the common levels for people to get involved in fashion is as a business. For one thing, it is very exciting to not only bring forth unique designs, fabrics and colors, but also bring about items that people want to buy and wear. When their items are selling, then the business owners have created something successful. To make things better, they can enjoy some of the other benefits of fashion which include actually wearing the items they have created for the customers.


One example of someone who is bringing more excitement into the fashion industry is Kate Hudson. She is a very effective marketer and designer for fashion because she is very passionate about fashion. She knows what she looks good in. At the same time, she is also willing to try new things in order to see what works. Given Hudson’s sense of fashion, she is always showing off her outfits that amaze and inspire her fans to find their style. She knows how to match and coordinate different pieces in her outfit.


Given Kate Hudson’s ability to put together outfits, it is only fitting that she takes on the fashion industry in order to bring some really fun designs. With all of the exciting merchandise she brings forth, it is only fitting that she is the one to market the items. Given that she is a famous celebrity, it is an obvious step to appear on the ads in her favorite outfits from her Fabletics brand. This is also where her creativity shines. She is able to not only bring forth some really unique ad campaigns, she has shown that she is very observant of the culture and can use it to reach her audience.


When women look at the activewear items offered by Fabletics, they are going to be excited by how fun these items look. The website shows all of the creativity that has been put forth in the creations of the products. The sense of art and knowledge of different body types are sure to bring forth a greater sense of style in customers.

Betsy DeVos and the School Choice Initiative

Betsy DeVos was recently selected as the Secretary of Education for the United States government. Despite this high profile position, many folks still aren’t sure exactly who she is and what she stands for. Thankfully, there is a wealth of information dating back for decades that shows Betsy DeVos for what she is: a tireless worker for pro-choice education in a field that is rapidly growing and becoming more and more popular to American’s around the country. Betsy DeVos has a wealth of qualifications and life experiences that suit her for the position. Today we’ll talk a little about what led her to school choice as well as the various charities that she supports. Follow Betsy on Twitter

So, a look back at Betsy DeVos’ career can lead to some pretty interesting discoveries. DeVos got on board with the school choice system well before it was as commonly accepted as it is today. In actuality, today’s numbers are pretty striking. DeVos points out that 17 states with over 250,000 children are currently engaged int he school choice system. Still, even with this longstanding support for the system Betsy DeVos has to make one thing clear: “Well, it’s not like there was a single incident that drew me in.” In fact, DeVos says that it was more of a gradual thing that coincided with her husband, Dick, working for the state of Michigan.

If you went back to the early ’90s you would see that Dick and Betsy DeVos were spending more time ingratiating themselves with the education sector. They were visiting low income families, low income schools, and the rest of their district in order to get a feel for what people wanted out of education. The one thing that Betsy DeVos said was universal was this: “We met parents who were doing everything in their power to have their kids in an environment that was safe, where they were learning, and where the atmosphere was just electric with curiosity, with love for one another.” It was clear that DeVos had set her sights early on doing something challenging but important for students everywhere.

Nowadays Devos says that she has “never been more optimistic” as her chances of getting more and more children into the school choice program increases. DeVos’ work as the Secretary of Education could go a long way toward getting these school choice programs mapped and on the board. DeVos has worked in politics for a long time now. She has been a chair member of the Michigan Republican Party as well as the founder of a political action committee: the Great Lakes Education Project. DeVos has also run a pair of 501(C)(3) charities that are focused on bringing education to the school advocacy movement. Check this article from NYPost.com

Dr. Shinto and Kokkinides Impact to Successful Innovacare

In 2016, Rick Shinto reported new entrants to the administration group of the firm. These included Meyers Jonathan, as the Principal Actuary personnel; Sortino Mike, as the Principal Accounting Personnel; and Kokkinides Penelope, as the CEO.

Kokkinides Penelope has over two decades of aptitude in the fields of human services administration and oversaw mind. Penelope Kokkinides has a demonstrated reputation in the making of clinical projects and operational medicinal services administration by improving hierarchical framework and productivity. View her infographic resume at Vizualize.me

Penelope Kokkinides has served in different official limits in trustworthy associations, for example, AmeriChoice, Centerlight HealthCare, and Touchstone Health. At these organizations, She had practical experience in the improvement of inventive wellbeing models, and also the general key administration of their oversaw mind segments. She was vigorously required in the arranging and execution of appropriate corporate wellbeing models.

Additionally, Penelope Kokkinides has been accountable for the bundles circulated by the firm, for example, Medicaid and Medicare programs. The two shape a capable initiative blend that drives the accomplishment of InnovaCare Health in the arrangement of human services bundles in North America. Under their administration, InnovaCare Health plans to broaden their impact into different markets and serve more patients.

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To make visits to a doctor’s office more reasonable, InnovaCare Health enrolled into the HealthCare Payment and Learning Action Network (LAN) that was propelled by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services. The activity is an association between the general population and private divisions that aims to enhance wellbeing installment models in the U.S by laying accentuation on quality rather than amount.

About InnovaCare Health Solutions

InnovaCare Health is the main distributor of Medicare Advantage arranges in the U.S and Puerto Rico concentrated on building solid associations with their customers. The firm is focused on changing medicinal services administration by giving top-class programs that lift the enthusiastic and physical guidelines of its individuals. In Puerto Rico, the firm is responsible for Medicaid arranges at the heart of the Governmental Health Plan through its associates, MMM HealthCare and PMC Medicare Choice. In 2011, both backups were granted NCQA Accreditation, given to restorative projects that display client security and quality affirmation.

The firm is focused on changing medicinal services administration by giving top-class programs that lift the enthusiastic and physical guidelines of its individuals. InnovaCare Health brags of more than 7500 workers focused on offering backing to more than 200,000 of its individuals. The firm concentrates on incorporating its propelled advancements with quality human services models that are reasonable and financially savvy.