Entrepreneurial Mastermind Todd Lubar predicts new Innovations for Smart Home Technology

In today’s world, trends towards entrepreneurial motivation are changing; energetic modern day millennial are creating enterprises not solely based on the desire for financial accumulation but focused on social collaboration with like-minded individuals. This communal spirit cannot be dependent however on social media connections and university networks. It takes specific qualities and personal skills to be a successful entrepreneur, a freedom-thinking doer and business creator.

First of all, confidence and perseverance work hand-in-hand. Breakthroughs in technology, ranging from the invention of the steam engine to the modern air conditioner, did not originate from a successful initial trial, but were accomplished over a series of tests and experiments. These societal earth-shakers took risks, learned from their failures, and continued towards success with the indefatigable mind-set.

With the proliferation of modern domestic marvels, innovations for improving the quality of life for our humble abodes are in a critical spotlight. Smart home technology has been met with open arms for its convenience for disabled people yet trials towards accurately programming speech communication from human voice inflections remain serious obstacles. For example, Machines and iPhone voice apps have become the leading-edge hall marks for turning sci-fiction dreams into the reality of using kitchen appliances like microwaves or opening garage doors for people with nervous system disorders. However, artificial intelligence faces programming hurdles as it copes with the speech complexities of different dialects, stammers, and volume.

Predicting this universal smart home technology, president of TDL Global Ventures Todd Lubar has transformed numerous dilapidated properties in Maryland into Tech-enhanced smart homes. This success-sharing entrepreneur has developed his enterprise from profitable 100 million dollar a year investments with Maryland Legacy Financial office and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Climbing up the financial ladder, Lubar has served as Senior Vice President for a branch division of First Magnus Financial Corp while continuing a steady investment in Priority Financial services.

Graduating from Syracuse University with a BA in speech communication, Lubar has carved a reputable career path through the mortgage industry while using his unflagging entrepreneurial energy to bridge industry investments in night clubs, waste management, and real estate. Ranking as one of the 25 most prestigious mortgage brokers in America, Lubar has consulted other aspiring home entrepreneurs for the past two decades. Information sourced from linkedin.com.