Securus Technologies saves families of inmates thousands with video visitation

Having a loved one sent to prison can be one of the most difficult ordeals that anyone can go through. But it often gets even worse when the inmate is finally delivered to the prison where they will serve their sentence. The family members of those inmates are often dismayed to find out that their loved ones are located hundreds of miles from their own home, making it difficult or nearly impossible to come and visit them in person. This oftentimes leads to inmates and their family members being completely separated for the duration of the inmate’s sentence.


But one company has been doing more than anyone else to change this. Securus Technologies has developed a highly innovative video visitation solution that allows inmates to stay in constant contact with their family members, using face-to-face video communications. This no only allows inmates and family members to stay in touch with each other with a frequency never before possible but it also allows for those family members who would have otherwise been forced to spend thousands of dollars on long trips to visit their loved ones, who are incarcerated hundreds of miles from their home, to save vast sums of money. This is particularly noteworthy because oftentimes the families of these inmates are in the bottom decile of income, making them the people who can least afford the exorbitant expenses of coming to visit their loved ones in prison.


With Securus’ video visitation systems, inmates are often able to call their families for rates as low as $0.15 per minute. This means that almost all inmates are capable of affording to stay in nearly uninterrupted contact with their loved ones, leading to the maintenance of strong relationships between fathers and their children as well as those between wives and husbands and parents and their incarcerated children.