Betsy DeVos and the School Choice Initiative

Betsy DeVos was recently selected as the Secretary of Education for the United States government. Despite this high profile position, many folks still aren’t sure exactly who she is and what she stands for. Thankfully, there is a wealth of information dating back for decades that shows Betsy DeVos for what she is: a tireless worker for pro-choice education in a field that is rapidly growing and becoming more and more popular to American’s around the country. Betsy DeVos has a wealth of qualifications and life experiences that suit her for the position. Today we’ll talk a little about what led her to school choice as well as the various charities that she supports. Follow Betsy on Twitter

So, a look back at Betsy DeVos’ career can lead to some pretty interesting discoveries. DeVos got on board with the school choice system well before it was as commonly accepted as it is today. In actuality, today’s numbers are pretty striking. DeVos points out that 17 states with over 250,000 children are currently engaged int he school choice system. Still, even with this longstanding support for the system Betsy DeVos has to make one thing clear: “Well, it’s not like there was a single incident that drew me in.” In fact, DeVos says that it was more of a gradual thing that coincided with her husband, Dick, working for the state of Michigan.

If you went back to the early ’90s you would see that Dick and Betsy DeVos were spending more time ingratiating themselves with the education sector. They were visiting low income families, low income schools, and the rest of their district in order to get a feel for what people wanted out of education. The one thing that Betsy DeVos said was universal was this: “We met parents who were doing everything in their power to have their kids in an environment that was safe, where they were learning, and where the atmosphere was just electric with curiosity, with love for one another.” It was clear that DeVos had set her sights early on doing something challenging but important for students everywhere.

Nowadays Devos says that she has “never been more optimistic” as her chances of getting more and more children into the school choice program increases. DeVos’ work as the Secretary of Education could go a long way toward getting these school choice programs mapped and on the board. DeVos has worked in politics for a long time now. She has been a chair member of the Michigan Republican Party as well as the founder of a political action committee: the Great Lakes Education Project. DeVos has also run a pair of 501(C)(3) charities that are focused on bringing education to the school advocacy movement. Check this article from