The Importance of Building Leadership and How Lori Senecal Thinks Ahead

When a business owner brings a company to a higher level of success, then it is established that she knows what she is doing. However, there is always a time when one is going to have to step down. There are many reasons to step down. Among the reasons that people decide to step down are that they are ready to move on to other projects. There is also the time to retire. Lori Senecal herself has decided that she has fulfilled her purpose with CP+B which was to establish some kind of structure that brings forth greater efficiency.

Lori has shown that she is willing and able to think ahead. One thing she is aware of being a business owner is change. She knows the importance of looking at changes in trends. She not only tries to keep up with the changes but also anticipates changes in the ways things are done. Among the changes that she is looking at keeping on top of is a more efficient way of advertising. She knows that advertising will remain as the most effective way to get customers. All that is needed is to come up with the right concept for her clients.

She has grown her company CP+B into 10 offices which are run by entrepreneurs that have a lot of creativity and imagination. They know how to utilize both in order to bring something that is targeted and effective to audiences. Lori is skilled in many different types of advertising for TV, print, and online. One thing that makes her stand out from among the other entrepreneur advertisers is that she is not very emotional in her approach. While she does have a very dynamic personality, she knows that it is wasteful to get very emotional when one should be working.

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