Paul Mampilly: The One Man Investment Ideas Generating Machine

Profits Unlimited newsletter was launched last year, and it has already become a sensation within the Wall Street investment industry. The newsletter that is written by one of the greatest investment advisors in the region, Paul Mampilly, had over 60,000 subscribed members at the beginning of March this year.

Benefits to Subscribers

Paul Mampilly launched Profits Unlimited with one goal in mind- to be the investment guide for the Wall Street American. He emails an 8-page newsletter that has at least one stock market investment tip to his subscribers per month. The subscribers are also treated to a weekly update of at least a couple of their stock investment performance. Mampilly currently writes and publishes the newsletter through Banyan Hill Publishing.

Expected Success

The tremendous success realized by Profits Unlimited came as no surprise given the caliber of the man behind it. Paul Mampilly is not new to the investment world, with a record of making some of the most memorable risks and reaping big from them. As a hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly accepted an investment challenge that was fronted by Templeton Foundation in 2009 that appeared like a gamble for him. The challenge saw Mampilly manage to make unprecedented returns of $38 million from a $50 million investment during a period of market crises. For such daring ventures and several other notable highlights in the two decades of his career, he became one of the most respected hedge fund managers in New York.

Paul Mampilly

As Paul Mampilly correctly describes himself on his website, he is a one man investment idea generating machine. He has been bringing new ideas to the investment world consistently for the last two decades. Case in point, he launched a 401K/IRA account in 2006 and between then and 2013, he was able to generate over 500 percent in cumulative returns.

Paul is an MBA holder from high-profile Fordham Gabelli School of Business. He has worked for several financial giants, such as Kinetics Asset Managements and Deutsche Bank.

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