The Popularity of Podcasts

Over the years, we have seen a steady increase in the popularity of podcasts. What was once a novelty item in the entertainment and self-promotion fields, has turned into a very effective and sought-after marketing tool. This is due in large part to PodcastOne and Edison Research. They have recently partnered in a research study to determine how brand recognition works, why it works and how PodcastOne can work for you.

While this study goes into great detail in regards to brand recognition and awareness, it would not have been made possible had it not been for the popularity of podcasting in the first place. Some may see this as a classic example of……which came first, the chicken or the egg?

While the PodcastOne site sports a very impressive array of different podcasts by different people and businesses for different reasons, if it were not for the popularity of the venue itself PodcastOne as a business would not have grown in the first place.

However, one can argue that without the precise and visionary leadership of Norman Pattiz, the venue itself would not have grown, let alone his business.

Regardless, the venue has grown as has PodcastOne, so PodcastOne took advantage of the current growth and commissioned a study by Edison research to effectively determine how that growth on both fronts can continue.

The detail that this study goes into is impressive to say the least, and it speaks volumes to the attention to detail that Norman Pattiz gives to his company and its growth. It also speaks to the detail by which he gave his method of choosing employees to staff his business.

These are extremely competent individuals whose experience in the different facets of marketing and media give PodcastOne the muscle that it has. And with that strength of experience comes a work ethic specifically tailored for this business. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

This may be the best way to answer the chicken or the egg question. The venue of pod-casting grew as a direct result of businesses like PodcastOne.

They are feeding themselves their own success. They have also raised the bar for other pod-casters in terms of how to grow. If others do not follow the lead of PodcastOne, they will never catch up.