How EOS Saw their Sales Explode with Marketing

EOS emerged from out of nowhere to dominate a long established industry. The industry that they entered was the lip balm industry, one not known for operating at a dynamic pace in anybody’s reckoning.

Part of EOS’ success was based on their commitment to quality with higher quality ingredients than their competitors used and a focus on all-natural and organic ingredients that provided added moisture to dried out lips. The other part of their story was pure marketing with the development of a unique strategy to capture market share.

EOS lip balm marketed themselves with unique applicator orbs that stood out from the tubes and jars that were used by other lip balm companies. Unlike other brands, these orbs took the benefits of both- they were uniquely sized and stood out in pocketbooks making them hard to misplace, but we’re also sanitary and enjoyable to use, providing a luscious and smooth application on your lips. The orbs were colored in bright pastel colors that let them stand out on shelves and capture the interest of customers. EOS even custom designed their own machinery for making these lip balms that made it hard for other companies to copy their design, which allowed them to retain a competitive advantage in the market.

EOS then used their retail distributors to help them to market their product. Buyers from these retailers, starting with Walgreens and Target and moving on to other retail partners like Lucky Vitamin, were enamored by the potential of the EOS lip balm ( and added them to their product shelves, marketing them heavily. That success paid off and EOS and their retail partners saw their sales of this lip balm explode.

EOS now has a dedicated and loyal customer base who enjoy the superior quality of their products and have become a company in the lip balm market that is much copied, but never duplicated.

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