Squaw Valley Ski’s statement about the quality of the water in the Upper Mountain

A few weeks ago, there is a news item that was making rounds about the presence of the E. Coli bacteria in the water supply that is normally used by the visitors of the Squaw Valley Ski Upper Mountain accommodation. After some time, the company has come out to clear the air over the issue. Below is the speech that was given by the company.

They stated that the heavy downpour that was witnessed in the October of 2016 was the beginning of the problem that has been experienced in the area. After the rains, the underground water was really affected and in a negative manner. This is where the contamination is thought to have come from. The company reacted quickly and made sure that the entire water supply was shut down and unavailable to the tourists. They also did their investigations to ensure that none of their clients had taken the bad water. The next step was looking for health experts to help treat the water and make it drinkable. In the meantime, they have been offering alternative water to all their customers.

The company said that there was no truth to the claims that their clients had received any of the contaminated water. The company was in the process of ensuring that the contaminated water was getting treated and that they would avail it as soon as it was safe for human use. A confirmation was given that the places which had been mostly affected by the issue were the High Camp and Gold Coast. They reiterated that their first and most important concern was the safety of their customers.

The company has organized their accommodations and ensured that all the tourists and hikers who are staying in the areas with the contaminated water are receiving bought water from the company. They have also thanked the local authorities for the important role that they have played in making sure the water was treated before any negative effects started reflecting on the business. They were confident that when the research by the team of experts was concluded, clean water would be availed to all.

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