Securus Technologies: Using Innovation to Ensure Public Safety

Securus Technologies is a government contractor that offers an array of services such as information management systems and detainee communication. Securus has been committed to fostering innovation and ensuring that they give their clients the best experience. That is why they have acquired some companies in the past. They acquired JPay in 2015 which helped them to integrate emails and payments into the products that they offer.


Last year was a great year for the company as they were accredited by the Better Business Bureau and were given an A+ rating.  Securus released a sample of comments that were extracted from emails and letters a few months ago. These emails and letters were sent by clients who had been satisfied by the service that they had gotten from them.


Rick Smith is the Chairman and CEO of Securus. He said that the company releases a new product each week. He mentioned that the company received many emails and letters and that Securus was committed to ensuring that inmates, officials, and facilities are safe. One of the comments described how the officials had been able to arrest a corrupt staff member who had been smuggling contraband into the facility with Securus’ assistance. The official thanked the company and the members of staff who had made the arrest possible.


Another comment detailed how the investigation tools from Securus had allowed staff to conduct investigations when there was a harassment complaint or threat was made to the community. A long-term client of Securus expressed how satisfied they were with the solutions that Securus offered them and the effort that they put into making correctional facilities safer. Several comments mentioned the LBS services and how influential they had been in conducting investigations.

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